true life

Join us as we jump back into our True Life sermon series! This is the heart behind Grace Chapel.

all in

Pastor Mark is beginning a new sermon series on holding nothing back in our walk with Christ! Lets jump all in together!


Breaking the chains that bind us so we can leave in complete FREEDOM!


As we approach Easter we will be answering some interesting questions about Jesus, His purpose, His death, and His role today!

mission unstoppable

Our "Mission Unstoppable" Sermon Series is a study on the book of Acts.  Let's discover what makes the Church grow.

true life

We begin the year off with our True Life sermon series. Hear the heart behind Pastor Mark as he shares his vision for Grace Chapel in 2017.


Hope. Love. Joy. Peace. Jesus came to earth to bring us these four gifts. This sermon series through the month of December will help prepare our hearts for Christmas and discover a a fulfillment that lasts beyond the holiday rush.


Can you make a difference? Yes! Join us for this sermon series as we explore high stakes issues like life, family and freedom. And, vote your values.